"I guess I don't really care if it's dangerous or not. I'm going to go to the village anyway."
"I don't know what kind of hell awaits me there, but I don't have a choice... I'm not interested in God or paradise... If she believes in that, fine, but she won't escape what she did..."
"I don't think I should go... This... This town... there's something.... wrong there. It's kind of hard to explain, but..."


The creatures of Silent Town Escape Room will show no mercy to curious onlookers. Are you sure you want to visit the cursed town?

A terrible event

On the road north of Westbrook, you were on your way to spend a few days at the old cabin, everything was going according to plan when suddenly... As if out of nowhere, a girl crossed your path, a strong swerve made you lose control and now you don't know how, you woke up in a town covered in ashes, a town without light, a town sullied by the terrible events that happened 50 years ago.

You must split up, run, get help and survive, but only your instinct can save you from being trapped and becoming part of the cursed town of Silent Town forever.

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The town

Do you dare to explore the most sinister and terrifying places in the village?

project 1


The stench of blood and the coldness of the rooms make even the bravest soul shudder.

project 2


Beware of the hideous apparition that walks in the still of the night and whispers at your heels.

project 3


The children's laughter was extinguished, as were the lights of the village that housed them.

project 4


The nurses watched that patients did not leave their rooms, but souls were allowed to wander unrestricted.

project 5


Death stands in mourning in its black grief, while seas of darkness fill its eyes.

project 6


The recess siren stopped sounding at the exact moment when the children saw the face of death.

project 7


The doors close, the lights flicker, a shadow awaits you at the end of the corridor.

project 8


They say that when the moon is full the wailing of souls can be heard behind the cypress trees.

project 9


The smell of burning flesh flooded the corridors and its ashes covered every corner of a town that would never come out of the shadows again.

  • project 1


    The stench of blood...

  • project 2


    Beware of the hideous

  • project 3


    The children's laughter...

  • project 4


    The nurses...

  • project 5


    Death stands...

  • project 6


    The recess siren...

  • project 7


    The doors close...

  • project 8


    They say that...

  • project 9


    The smell of burning flesh...

Create a team

You don't want to go in alone



Create a group of 2 to 6 people from 16 years of age.

Mandatory: Minors must be accompanied by an adult or with a signed authorisation.



In the booking calendar.

Choose the day and time you want to play.



Punctuality is essential. Try to arrive 5 minutes early to enter at the exact time of your reservation.



We explain the rules of the game and give you 120 min. to achieve the goal.



Live a unique horror experience worthy of the best horror movies and survive with your friends.



Try to survive our creatures, and leave Silent Town alive.


It is a leisure activity, a new form of entertainment. They are games based on video games and films in which a group of people have to collect clues and escape from a themed room, solving puzzles and enigmas using logic and creativity.

Up to a group of 2 to 6 patients can go inside the tainted village of Silent Town.

No, it is not possible. In order to best enjoy the experience, the ideal is not to exceed the limit of 6 people. If you are more than 6 people, you can organise yourselves into teams respecting this limit to enjoy the game and so that space is not a problem. You can book continuous sessions and compete between groups to see who has the best time.

From 16 years of age you can enter Silent Town's Sullied Village, although minors can only play if accompanied by an adult. There is no maximum age limit, any adult can enjoy Silent Town Sullied Village.

Yes, it is a horror game, in which there are scares and there may be physical contact at some point.

Not under any circumstances. Despite the spaciousness of the rooms, there are some tests and events that may cause a startle.

No problem! A member of our team will open the room after 120 minutes and the game will be over.

To contact us, just send us an email to: info@silenttownbasauri.com or call us on the following telephone number: 639 386 777. We are at your disposal!


No problem! A member of our team will open the room after 120 minutes and the game will be over.

At all times there will be people from the Silent Town Escape Room team outside the game area, following the activity and helping if necessary. If a person needs to leave, they can do so, with the rest of the team remaining inside until the end of the game. That person who has left, will not be able to re-enter.

No, not under any circumstances. Under no circumstances are people under the influence of alcohol or drugs allowed to enter. Smoking is also not permitted inside. In such a case, entry will be refused and the booking will be forfeited without refund. The venue reserves the right of admission.

During the development of the games there will be situations where players are required to manipulate mechanisms and interact with certain objects in order to advance in the game. Players are responsible for the proper use of the facilities. At no time should brute force be used, simply interact with objects carefully and naturally. Silent Town Escape Room can make claims against players in the event of damage caused by the misuse of objects or tools used during the game.

Silent Town Escape Room will exercise the right of non-admission and immediate expulsion from the room in cases where the following conditions are not met: Being under the influence of alcohol or any type of drugs or other psychotropic substances. Carrying any threatening object towards other people. Manifesting and provoking physical and verbal violence against the staff of the hall. Intentionally causing damage and destruction to the mechanisms and props in the hall. Serious lack of personal hygiene.

Yes, it is recommended. Try not to wear clothes that restrict your movement, high heels are forbidden. Think that you are coming to live an experience in an abandoned village.

No, it is not necessary to have a gym fitness level in order to progress through the tainted town of Silent Town.


To play Silent Town Escape Room you need to make a reservation via the web and in advance through the booking system. Important: Reservations cannot be made by telephone and it is not possible to book on the premises.

It is not possible, the Silent Town Escape Room timetable works by reservation. So normally we will only be in the room if we have groups that have booked to play.

No, reservations cannot be cancelled, but ONE modification to another day and time that is available can be made as long as we are notified 72 hours in advance. You will have to contact us through info@silenttownbasauri.com indicating the modification, as long as the previously established terms are met.

Punctuality is very important. Late arrivals are detrimental to the organisation and schedules of the following sessions of our clients' activity. All participants must enter the room at the time marked on their booking. If there is a delay of 10 minutes or more with respect to the booked time, the game will not be able to start. If one person is missing from the team, the rest of the participants must start the game after the 10 minute delay. Please note: in this case it is not possible to cancel the game and the fee is non-refundable.

Silent Town Escape Room operates on a booking basis, so we are only open at times when bookings are requested.


If you have any questions about visiting the sullied village of Silent Town, please contact our team and we will respond as soon as possible.

C/ Foruak, in front of Nº4



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